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What is [LE SALON]?

(Le Salon)

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claude monet
Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix

"Le Salon"

is the world's oldest international public exhibition that has continued for over 350 years.

​The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture (currently the Institut de France), founded in 1648, was ordered by a decree of Louis XIV in 1663 to hold an exhibition of works by Academy members once a year. Decided. This was the beginning of "Le Salon". Currently held at Art Capital, a joint art exhibition of France's four major historical salons. Le Salon is an exhibition open to everyone, regardless of nationality or background, and every year many artists from all over the world apply, and the winning works are selected after a rigorous screening process. It is said that being selected for ``Le Salon'' is equivalent to being in the top 6% of the art world. Furthermore, as far as I can confirm, there are only five Japanese photographers who are members of the French Artists Association.

Manet's late masterpiece ``The Bar at the Folies Bergère''

Artists who achieved fame at "Le Salon"








・Rodin​ etc.

Alain Bazaar and my work “Yamato Nadeshiko”​

Head of the Painting Department of the French Artists Association
Alain Bazaar and my work “Yamato Nadeshiko”​
At the 2023 Le Salon venue (photographed by Reijinsha)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
フランス芸術家協会 絵画部門 アラン・バザール氏 総評
  • ​The photos and images of paintings on this page were borrowed from the pamphlets published by Reijinsha and the photos sent to us.

  • ​The explanation about Le Salon is quoted from "Le Salon and Japanese Artists" published by Reijinsha in 2014.

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