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Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Display based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law


・Name of seller

MORI Hiromichi-PhotoForest


・Seller's address

203 Takaragaoka, Meito Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture


・Sales manager

Hiromichi Mori


·Selling price
It will be displayed on the screen during the purchase procedure for online photography classes (hereinafter referred to as "services") sold on the website.


・Money, etc., to be borne by the customer in addition to the selling price
Internet connection charges, communication charges, etc. necessary for downloading information devices, terminals, and other uses of this service shall be borne by the customer. For each charge, please contact your Internet provider, mobile phone company, etc.


・Payment period
Payment will be made upon completion of the service purchase process.


·payment method
It depends on the payment method determined by the person acting on behalf of the payment for the purchase of the service.


・Timing of service provision
It will be available upon completion of the service purchase process.


Due to the nature of the service, returns/cancellations cannot be accepted after the purchase is confirmed for all services.


・Special sales conditions
If there are special terms and conditions of sale, they will be displayed on the Site for each service.


・Application expiration date
If a deadline for applying for purchase is set, it will be displayed on this site for each service.


-Sales of services may be terminated without prior notice for the convenience of our company.

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