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Digital camera photography class by Zoom

​Note: The photography class is only available in Japanese.

<Photography class by Zoom>

​Zoom will be used to select a camera and review works.


<Characteristics of Classroom>

・Advice on how to choose a camera and lens.

・Explains how to operate the camera and how to shoot.

・We will explain the RAW shooting of the digital camera and the retouching method on the PC.

・Gives advice on the photos taken.

<Classroom flow>

step1: We will confirm your request.

step2: You can consult with us about pre-shoot preparations and how to choose a camera and lens.

step3: Kindly and politely teach the shooting methods and tips.

step4: Advice on how to retouch on a PC and how to finish the photo.

step5: We will provide professional advice for the photos you have taken.

<Course time/fees>
Beginner course: 1 hour = ¥5,500- (tax included)

Work reviews, etc.:1 hour = ¥22,000~ (tax included)

​Please contact us separately for on-site training.

Please use the contact form below to let us know what you would like to hear and the desired date and time. I will get back to you as soon as possible. The amount varies depending on the content.

Requests for attendance

In photography, there are some pictures that cannot be taken as expected depending on the equipment and shooting environment. If you think you can't shoot from my experience, I'm sorry, but after explaining the reason why you can't shoot, I may suggest ways to meet your request as much as possible. Also, I have been self-taught so far, so I have almost no knowledge about shooting commercials, so please understand that. Please think of it as a classroom for photography beginners and work production. As a foreign member of the Association of French Artists, I would like to give you some advice.

Photography class inquiry

Thank you for sending

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